To encourage the kind of change we want to see, we’ve partnered with entrepreneurship organisation Hatch to introduce The OUTO Changemaker Programme. Changemakers from across the UK are receiving expert-led masterclasses, peer mentoring, business coaching and skilled consulting, and are joining other entrepreneurs and leaders from diverse sectors.

The programme is co-designed with the changemakers and tailored to their individual needs. They’re learning how to grow sustainably, increase their impact, and support people from ethnically diverse communities. After the programme, they’ll have the opportunity to apply for development grants of up to £10k to invest directly into their organisation.


Haroon Mota

Haroon Mota (he, him, his)

Muslim Hikers is a grassroots initiative under the umbrella of Active Inclusion Network CIC. It was created to help empower Muslim communities to get outdoors. The platform seeks to inspire through innovative digital content and by creating community. Their events attract hundreds of people from across the UK and promote safety, confidence, and awareness of the outdoors.

Sonny Peart

Sonny Peart (he, him, his)

Black Trail Runners is a community and campaigning charity seeking to increase participation, inclusion and representation of Black people in trail running. The group is breaking down barriers - access, skills and representation - and sharing the joy they have found in trail running, and empowering new communities to do the same.

Marlon Patrice

Marlon Patrice (he, him, his)

We Go Outside Too’s mission is to bring the rawness and authenticity of nature to the Black community, by aligning mental and physical wellbeing with outdoor activities. The group provides opportunities for intergenerational Black community members across Birmingham, Black Country, and West Midlands to participate in walking, nature based learning, and holistic workshops.

Yvette Curtis

Yvette Curtis (she, her, hers)

Wave Wahines’ mission is to provide girls with affordable and supportive access to surfing. The group is tackling the lack of diversity in women’s surfing. They also provide surf therapy for women experiencing trauma as a result of domestic violence. Wave Wahines uses the ocean to help reconnect and empower women and girls from a diverse range of communities.

Marie Uri

Marie Uri (she, her, hers)

United We Climb is a JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) organisation within climbing and the outdoors. The platform is creating new experiences and opportunities designed specifically for, and with, people currently underrepresented and under-served in climbing and the outdoors. They’re creating a community where everybody has equal opportunities to experience and gain from the many benefits of climbing and the outdoors.

Frit Tam

Frit Tam (him, they, them)

Passion Fruit Pictures has one aim: to add colour and diversity to the outdoors and adventure industries through filmmaking and photography.

Soraya Abdel-Hadi

Soraya Abdel-Hadi (she, her, hers)

All The Elements CIC is a non-profit network for people creating change with diversity and accessibility for underrepresented groups in outdoor spaces across the UK. The group's work includes running networking events, offering one-to-one calls for support from community group leaders, and facilitating connections between those with similar goals.